Special Event Station CF3SRF at the 25th Flesherton Split Rail Festival: 25-27 Sep 1998

The Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club will operate special event station CF3SRF, from 1300Z to 2200Z September 26, and 1400Z to 2000Z September 27, commemorating the 25th Split Rail Festival in Flesherton, Ontario, Canada. HF SSB operation will be on 3.880, 14.250, and 28.350 MHz; 2m FM simplex on 146.52 MHz, and 2m packet on 145.63 MHz. Packet messages may be sent in advance to CF3SRF@VE3IJD.#CON.ON.CAN.NA. For a QSL, please send SASE to Brad Rodriguez VE3RHJ, Box 84, Markdale, ON, N0C 1H0, Canada.

Questions may be directed to event coordinator Brad Rodriguez, VE3RHJ.

Operating Schedule

"On site" operations are limited to the times the festival is open to the public: 9 am to 6 pm local (1300Z to 2200Z) September 26, and 10 am to 4 pm (1400Z to 2000Z) September 27. Other operations are TBD.

We have chosen the following frequencies to let all Canadian and US amateur classes work CF3SRF:
80m SSB (3.880 MHz), for Canadian Basic+5 hams, US General and up, and regional (Ontario) coverage;
20m SSB (14.250 MHz), for Canadian Basic+12 hams, US General and up, and DX coverage;
10m SSB (28.350 MHz) -- propagation permitting -- for US Novice/Tech+ hams;
2m FM (146.52 MHz), for Canadian Basic hams, and for local talk-in and visiting hams with mobiles;
2m packet (145.63 MHz), to demonstrate packet radio.

Operating slots are still available!

CF3SRF will be operating full time under the supervision of a class B+12 or A+12 amateur. So here's a chance to work some HF before you get your Morse code qualification! We particularly need operators for HF rig #1 and the 2m FM and packet rigs (see below).

Tentative GBARC Split Rail Staffing Schedule (as of 22 September 1998)

September 26 - 27, 1998, local time (EST)

Sat 26 Sep Greeter HF rig #1 2m FM & packet HF rig #2
9 am - 10 am Brad VE3RHJ* Stan VA3ZON Paul Klekos
10 am - 11 am Brad VE3RHJ* Stan VA3ZON Paul Klekos
11 am - noon Jerry VE3HDH* Carl VE3BY Bob VA3STS
noon - 1 pm Jerry VE3HDH* Carl VE3BY Bob VA3STS
1 pm - 2 pm Paul Klekos Carl VE3BY Bob VA3STS Walter VE3FFN*
2 pm - 3 pm Paul Klekos Carl VE3BY Bob VA3STS Walter VE3FFN*
3 pm - 4 pm John VE3TXB Grant VE3GCQ Walter VE3FFN*
4 pm - 5 pm Brad VE3RHJ* John VE3TXB
5 pm - 6 pm Brad VE3RHJ*
Sun 27 Sep
10 am - 11 am Steve VE3XKM Jerry VE3HDH* Molly VA3MYY
11 am - noon Steve VE3XKM Jerry VE3HDH* Molly VA3MYY
noon - 1 pm Dave VE3DXO* VE3BY/VE3DXE Bob VE3LKD
1 pm - 2 pm Dave VE3DXO* VE3BY/VE3DXE Bob VE3LKD
2 pm - 3 pm Steve VE3XKM VE3BY/VE3DXE Walter VE3FFN*
3 pm - 4 pm Steve VE3XKM Walter VE3FFN*

* operator-in-charge (B+12 or A+12 licence)

Unscheduled assistance:
Sunday: Aubrey VE3TUQ

Radiogram forwarding:
Saturday: Rod VA3RP
Sunday: John VE3TXB

Greeter - His job is to welcome people into the booth. He should have his attention directed outward, to passersby, not inward. He will greet people who stop to look at the booth, and answer questions about amateur radio. He will also accept Radiograms to be sent later, so he must understand the proper format for a Radiogram. The greeter will also rewind & restart the VCR as required.

HF rig #1 operator - His job is to keep Special Event station CF3SRF on the air, and make contacts. So his attention will be directed entirely to the HF rig, answering calls and calling CQ. During quiet periods he might be asked (by the greeter) to let visitors talk on the radio.

2m FM and packet operator - If present, he will be the "talk-in" operator on 146.52 simplex. He should periodically announce CF3SRF on the simplex frequency ("This is CF3SRF for the Flesherton Split Rail Festival.") He will also demonstrate 2m packet radio to interested visitors, so he should understand how to connect to the VE3IJD BBS. He may also wish to demonstrate "live" packet QSOs through packet links.

HF rig #2 operator - If present, he will be a "casual" operator on HF rig #2, making special event contacts. He will also fill in and help the others when needed, e.g., to answer questions from visitors when the booth is busy. If visitors want to talk on the air, this is the preferred rig. HF rig #2 is also for the use of visiting radio amateurs who stop by the booth.

Equipment Contributions (in progress)

Still needed




Steve VE3XKM



Walter VE3FFN